Modern Logos

Modern - Modern Apothecary logo design

Modern Apothecary

by SimplePixelSL

Modern - Modern Geometry  logo design

Modern Geometry

by town

Modern - Modern Housing logo design

Modern Housing

by MDS

Modern - Modern Cyclist logo design

Modern Cyclist

by town

Modern - Modern USB logo design

Modern USB

by Inovalius

Modern - Modern Bull logo design

Modern Bull

by SimplePixelSL

Modern - Modern Green Flame logo design
Modern - Modern India  logo design

Modern India

by JimjemR

Modern - Keyhole Modern A logo design

Keyhole Modern A

by podvoodoo13

Modern - Modern Blue D logo design

Modern Blue D

by podvoodoo13

Modern - Modern E Outline logo design

Modern E Outline

by podvoodoo13

Modern - Modern Navigation logo design
Modern - Modern Golden Crown  logo design

Modern Golden Crown

by arishu

Modern - Modern Orange V logo design

Modern Orange V

by podvoodoo13

Modern - Modern Orange Diamond logo design
Modern - Modern Bulldozer Machine logo design

Modern Bulldozer Machine

by SimplePixelSL

Modern - Modern Pentagon House logo design
Modern - Modern Neon Camera logo design

Modern Neon Camera

by beldinki

Modern - Modern Purple Owl logo design

Modern Purple Owl

by SimplePixelSL

Modern - Modern Excavator Machine logo design

Modern Excavator Machine

by SimplePixelSL

Modern - Modern Circle Peak logo design

Modern Circle Peak

by royallogo

Modern - Blue Modern Housing logo design
Modern - Modern Furniture Store  logo design
Modern - Modern Crypto Wallet logo design

Modern Crypto Wallet

by SimplePixelSL

Modern - Modern Medical Prescription logo design
Modern - Modern M Cat logo design

Modern M Cat

by JimjemR

Modern - Modern Blue  Camera logo design

Modern Blue Camera

by SimplePixelSL

Modern - Modern Line Tree logo design

Modern Line Tree

by town

Modern - Red Modern Photographer  logo design
Modern - Modern Letter Y logo design

Modern Letter Y

by azus

Modern - Modern Red Rooster logo design

Modern Red Rooster

by SimplePixelSL

Modern - Modern Sports Car logo design

Modern Sports Car

by JimjemR

Do you need a modern logo for your business or event? Create a beautiful, professional logo in a few minutes using BrandCrowd's modern logo maker. Where you need a minimalist logo, a simple logo or a contemporary logo our logo maker can generate a custom-made logo just for you. Try it now!

Frequently asked questions

How many modern logos options are there?

Modern logos are sleek, streamlined, and simplistic. Some entities take a more modern approach to their logo design like tech companies, digital device manufacturers, and code writers, just a few examples of mass markets that require modern logos. BrandCrowd has free access to thousands of modern logo templates for you to choose from and customize, so the potential is limitless. Your logo should contain easy to understand globally recognizable symbols that are relatable to your target audience. Other design elements used when creating a modern logo are gradient colors, minimalism, experimentation with typography, and using as few words as possible. Flat logos also have a contemporary twist, which uses just that, one flat color. Advertising history shows minimalistic logos are powerful marketing tools because of their easy recognition.

Do I get full copyright ownership for my modern logo?

When buying a design through BrandCrowd, the ownership passes from the designer to you but does not copyright your creation. You can read the BrandCrowd Designer/Client Contract here. When you buy your logo, there are three licenses for an additional fee, Standard, Buy-out, and Exclusive. Standard gives you non-exclusive rights to your design. Buy-out deletes the design from the store so that it won't get selected by anyone else. Lastly, Exclusive removes the logo from the store and gives you all intellectual rights to your creation. No matter where it appears, no one can replicate your logo. However, BrandCrowd does not Trademark your design. Trademarks, governed and protected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, offers an online application service.

What fonts make modern logos stand out?

In the advertising world, modern fonts envoke feelings of intelligence, style, and exclusivity with a contemporary flair. This typography resonates best when vying for the millennial age group due to its close relationship to tech logos for Facebook, Google, other popular apps, and platforms. The modern font style is simple, minimal, and slightly futuristic. Other famous brands that incorporate the font psychology of modern typography into their logo are Jeep, Spotify, and American Airlines. This contemporary style font collection includes but is not limited to Helvetica, Proxima Nova, Roboto, Open Sans, Komoda, and Modeka. You can create modern logos that rival the professional look of big brands with access to thousands of customizable templates with BrandCrowd.

My business has a slogan. Can I include this in my modern logo?

Yes. BrandCrowd allows you to add a slogan, catchphrase, or tag line type text to any logo. The use of a catchphrase, in conjunction with a modern logo, creates a more recognizable mark for representing your technology company. Famous slogans in use are Verizon's "Can You Hear Me Now?" and Apple's "Think Different." Keep in mind your slogan should contain no more than seven words, include keywords associated with your type of business, and be simplistic. Text logos are great for slogan purposes because you can update the font as often as you require to maintain a modern look as different target age group's preferred aesthetics change with time.

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