Mascot Logos

Mascot - Shark Mascot logo design

Shark Mascot

by Mypen

Mascot - Red Bird Mascot logo design

Red Bird Mascot

by SimplePixelSL

Mascot - Smart Panda Mascot logo design

Smart Panda Mascot

by JimjemR

Mascot - Blue Owl Mascot logo design

Blue Owl Mascot

by Mypen

Mascot - Lion Gaming Mascot logo design

Lion Gaming Mascot

by eightyLOGOS

Mascot - Basketball Mascot  logo design
Mascot - Soccer Football Mascot logo design

Soccer Football Mascot

by KniazDesign

Mascot - Bull Mascot logo design

Bull Mascot

by Mypen

Mascot - Eagle Baseball Mascot logo design
Mascot - Animal Mascot logo design

Animal Mascot

by SimplePixelSL

Mascot - Wolf Mascot logo design

Wolf Mascot

by Inovalius

Mascot - Red Monkey Mascot logo design

Red Monkey Mascot

by JimjemR

Mascot - Karate Owl Mascot logo design

Karate Owl Mascot

by SimplePixelSL

Mascot - Grizzly Bear Mascot  logo design
Mascot -  Blue Elephant Mascot  logo design
Mascot - Angry Lion Mascot logo design

Angry Lion Mascot

by Mypen

Mascot - Tiger Mascot logo design

Tiger Mascot

by novita007

Mascot - Bull Mascot logo design

Bull Mascot

by spayro

Mascot - Wolf Gaming Mascot logo design

Wolf Gaming Mascot

by eightyLOGOS

Mascot - Hipster Bear Sunglasses Mascot logo design
Mascot - Shield Devil Mascot logo design

Shield Devil Mascot

by JimjemR

Mascot - Golden Owl Mascot logo design

Golden Owl Mascot

by SimplePixelSL

Mascot - Panda Bear Mascot logo design
Mascot - Fox Animal Mascot logo design

Fox Animal Mascot

by podvoodoo13

Mascot - Fox Shield Mascot logo design

Fox Shield Mascot

by spayro

Mascot - Orange Modern Fox Mascot logo design

Orange Modern Fox Mascot

by podvoodoo13

Mascot - Mallard Duck Mascot logo design
Mascot - Rooster Animal Mascot logo design
Mascot - Fox Sun Mascot logo design

Fox Sun Mascot

by Mypen

Mascot - Monster Gaming Mascot logo design

Monster Gaming Mascot

by novita007

Mascot - Flying Owl Mascot logo design

Flying Owl Mascot

by realdreams

Mascot - Fish Pirate Mascot logo design

Fish Pirate Mascot

by SimplePixelSL

Do you need a mascot logo for a sports team or corporate event? If so, make your own mascot logo design using BrandCrowd's logo maker below. Whether you need a sports logo, gaming logo, team logo, or a school event logo, our logo maker can generate unique logos just for you. Ready to start? Try it now!

Frequently asked questions

How many mascot logos choices are available?

Mascot logos are endearing, fun, easily recognizable. Because of these attributes, many businesses turn to character logos to represent their entity's brand. One brand genre that takes the mascot approach to its logo design is professional sports logos. Another would be gaming designated after a specific character in certain games. BrandCrowd has free access to thousands of mascot logo templates for you to choose from and customize. Mascots are not just for sports and do not have to be animal logos. Reputable corporations endlessly use mascots and very successfully, for instance, Ronald McDonald, the Pillsbury Doughboy, Colonel Sanders.

Do I get full copyright ownership to my mascot logo?

When buying a design like a mascot logo through BrandCrowd, the ownership passes from the designer to you but does not copyright your creation. When you buy your mascot logo, there are three licenses for an additional fee, Standard, Buy-out, and Exclusive. The standard license gives you non-exclusive rights to your design. The Buy-out license deletes the design from the store so that it won't get selected by anyone else. Lastly, the Exclusive license removes the logo from the store and gives you all intellectual rights to your creation. No matter where it appears, no one can replicate your mascot logo. However, BrandCrowd does not Trademark your design. Trademarks, governed and protected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, offers an online application service.

What fonts make my mascot logo stand out?

In the advertising world, fonts have just as much impact on feelings as color usage and the icon itself. Typography plays on the memories of consumers, and the one you select should have relevance with your mascot and target audience. Meaning, say your audience is of children's age group, and you're using a cartoon logo, the best font style is fun and whimsical like Frosty or Bubblegum Sans. If your marketing target is older age groups, the font should still foster a jovial feeling, but in a more mature way like Aachan Bold, Cooper Black, and Varsity. You can create mascot logos with the right font that rival the fun look of big brands with access to thousands of customizable templates with the BrandCrowd Logo Maker.

My business has a slogan. Can I include this in my mascot logo?

Yes. BrandCrowd allows you to add a slogan, catchphrase, or tag line type text to any logo. The use of a catchphrase, in conjunction with a mascot logo, creates a more recognizable mark for representing your company. Famous slogans in use that incorporate a mascot and a slogan-type message are Pringles' "You Can't Eat Just One" and Mr. Clean's "There's No Clean Like Mr. Clean." Keep in mind your slogan should contain no more than seven words, include words associated with your type of business, and be simplistic.

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