Esports Logos

Esports - Esports Character Mascot  logo design
Esports - Esports Gaming Wizard logo design
Esports - Esports Man Mascot logo design
Esports - Analytical Esport Gaming Controller logo design
Esports - Odin God Esports Gaming logo design
Esports - Red Dragon Esports Gaming logo design
Esports - Fiery Dragon Esports Mascot logo design
Esports - Esport Gaming Skull Helmet  logo design
Esports - Dragon Esports Gaming Mascot logo design
Esports - Hound Gaming Esport Mascot logo design

Hound Gaming Esport Mascot

by eightyLOGOS

Esports - Gaming Esports King Mascot logo design
Esports - Red Esports Dragon Mascot logo design
Esports - Esports Gaming Masked Mascot logo design
Esports - Esports Gaming Saber Tooth logo design

Esports Gaming Saber Tooth

by eightyLOGOS

Esports - Barbarian Devil Esports Clan logo design
Esports - Esports Gaming Eagle Mascot logo design
Esports - Dragon Esports Gaming Mascot logo design
Esports - Green Dragon Esports Mascot logo design
Esports - Esport Gaming Dragon Shield Mascot logo design
Esports - Red Esports Gaming Skull Wing logo design

Red Esports Gaming Skull Wing

by LogoBrainstorm

Esports - Esports Gamer Mascot logo design

Esports Gamer Mascot

by JimjemR

Esports - Crab Gaming Esports logo design

Crab Gaming Esports

by novita007

Esports - Gaming Clan Esports Helmet logo design
Esports - Esports Gaming Warrior Helmet logo design

Esports Gaming Warrior Helmet

by SimplePixelSL

Esports - Esport Gaming Bomb Wasp logo design

Esport Gaming Bomb Wasp

by SimplePixelSL

Esports - Poison Scorpion Gaming Esport logo design
Esports - Esports Gaming Tiger Flame logo design
Esports - Dragon Esports Gaming Clan logo design
Esports - Green Dragon Esports Mascot logo design
Esports - Esports Assassin Ninja Girl logo design
Esports - Esports Gaming Avatar logo design
Esports - Esports Warrior Mascot logo design

Want to make an eSports logo? Want to be the envy of gamer's worldwide? Whether you're looking for the perfect Fortnite logo, DOTA 2 logo or any gaming logo, you'll find a killer eSports logo at BrandCrowd. Make your own now!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need any special software to make an Esport logo?

No. As a dedicated gamer, you're busy honing your skill for competitions, and you don't have time to download complex, time-consuming programs only experts can decipher. Creating your Esport logo doesn't have to be complicated for non-designers. BrandCrowd is a one-stop destination for access to all the components needed to make the gaming logos you want, so no additional software is required. It's free to access thousand of designer crowdsourced pre-existing templates to customize into a logo that represents your team's caliber of Esport play. You'll pay only a small fee to download your design.

Can I download my Esport logo as many times as I like?

Yes. Your Esport logo is an integral part of your marketing arsenal. You want to put your unique mark on every piece of advertising material to get the word out about your gaming team. After you buy your design, you can download it as many times as you need. Repetition is vital when marketing your Esport logos like clan logos (a group of organized gamers) or pubg logos (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds), for instance, to keep it in the mind of your target audience. The world is a canvas to make your mark as a top gamer, and you want a logo that will go anywhere your potential audience spends their time. You won't ever have an issue downloading your files as you need when using BrandCrowd.

Can I use gradient colors in my Esport logo?

Yes. Gradient color or color progressions, made up of colors that gradually fade into one another, can be entirely different colors or variations of the same color. You'll hear the term gradient to describe sunglass lenses. However, the flat color design known simply as a flat logo has slowly taken over some of the most popular brands like Windows OS and Pepsi. Some big brands that have kept with their gradient logos are Instagram, Firefox, and Tinder. Gradients are perfect for gaming logo designs due to their 3-D effect, eye-catching appeal, and modern aesthetic. BrandCrowd gives you access to an abundance of both flat and gradient logo designs to sample and customize.

Does my Esport logo need to have text?

The right text correctly integrated into your logo can boost your gaming team's recognition. The typography on an Esport logo can depict a team's name, motto, catchphrase, or even an epitaph for your gaming competition's gravestones. If you decide to add text, a few guidelines to follow in adding text are make it descriptive, keep it short, and possibly include a keyword. With the font itself, stick with sans serif or serif family instead of a script font to keep it simplistic and easily readable. These attributes help to build your base by being more easily recognizable by fans and competitors. For example, with Fortnite logos, the catchphrase is "Worlds Collide," which would appear in text format under their logo when they choose to market their brand this way. BrandCrowd shows you thousands of templates with or without text, to play around to achieve that perfect design.

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